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Remote Patient monitoring


ICT Zoom ” Remote Patient Monitoring System ” is funded by a2i, Prime Minister’s Office, Bangladesh. ICT Zoom Limited has developed RPM system to transform the healthcare industry with simpler, smarter and more effective solutions for everyone: patients, doctors and healthcare providers.

ICT Zoom’s state-of-the-art platform is a comprehensive hardware and software solution that allows patient to receive high-quality care at home, which leads to improving health outcomes, a better quality of life for patients, and a lower cost of care. There are many people in our country who are chronically ill (e.g., post-stroke, diabetes, heart-disease, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease – COPD) or who are rehabilitating. Constant monitoring of their health and providing assistance are very important for the well-being of such patients. Remote monitoring techniques allow patients and their physicians to closely monitor medical conditions.

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) system can help to

  • control costs (reduced hospital stays, medical test costs, hospital visit costs, hospital admission costs)
  • avoid hospital readmissions
  • improves outcomes
  • reduce the number of visits to the doctors
  • Support the extension of clinical environments into a patient’s home post-discharge through remote monitoring

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